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Mrs. Randa

She's Here!!!

She's Here!!!

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I haven't journaled in a while. I left on a rather grim note. However, I now have a perfectly healthy little girl. She's just over a month old. She was born on December 13, 2007. The rest of my pregnancy was a strain. My morning sickness NEVER went away, and I eventually became toxemic. They induced my labor on the 12, and now I have an awesome guilt story for Isabella when she gets old enough to hear about my horrible 19 and a half hour labor that eventually ended in a C-section. I'm totally in love and I can't wait to spend every day with her. I dread going back to work on February 11, but it must be done. Otherwise I can't feed her :(. Summer will come soon enough though. That's the perk of being a teacher and one reason I chose this profession.
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    Miranda! Congratulations....I remember like it was just yesterday when you were not sure how you and your husband will get to be with each other...and then now look at you guys! You are not only together but created this wonderful magical being together too. ::HUGS:: ~Linhy
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      I know! It all feels so fast. We talk about how we're too young to be parents. I mean we're 25, we're older than a lot of people becoming parents now-a-days. It's so much work and it's frustrating when she's crying and we're like ok we changed her diaper, she's not due for a feeding for an hour, we gave her the mylicon for gas... and she's still crying. But it's still the best thing we've ever done. Neither one of us regret it for a second.
  • She's beautiful :)
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