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Mrs. Randa

Where is he??

Where is he??

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I'm panicked... stressed out. Patrick went for his training today for his job at QT. The training is at a place over 1 hour away and he was meant to leave there at 6pm. It is now 8:19. I've never been to this place, but he says it takes about an hour to get there. However, he left in the middle of rush hour coming away from Atlanta, which usually means that he's hit quite a bit of traffic. But 2 hours?? I tried to be patient. I've fixed dinner... it's cold, sitting there untouched. I'm telling myself that I'm just a newlywed that is over anxious. But the later the time gets the more I stress out. I'm trying to grade papers... but I can't focus on them (it's a 5 paragraph essay... ugh). I've tried reading my book that I can't put down otherwise... but I've read the same page about 5 times. We don't have cell phones so I can't call him. I looked on the traffic report on channel 2 news, there are 2 accidents on the 2 highways he is meant to be on tonight. I'm telling myself that it's the accidents slowing him down and that he's not involved in one of the accidents. I called my sister in tears. She reassured me. Nothing to do now but wait. Maybe I'll make a cake. He's sure to be hungry. He hasn't had dinner.
  • ?!?!?

    ::HUGS::. Update! Did he make it home okay?
    • Re: ?!?!?

      Yes, he made it home. He got here about 9:30 pm. He said his training was 2 hours longer than he thought it was going to be. I'm so thankful that's all it was.
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