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Mrs. Randa

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

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Ok, the list appears very similar each year, but what the heck...

1. Read the Bible each day (initial goal to read it in it's entirety, however, I think I'm setting myself up
for failure.

2. Lose weight! (I need to lose exactly 97.4 lbs. How scary is that? I'm determined though. My husband and I
weigh the EXACT same thing.)

3. Get finances under control. (School loans, credit cards, and car payment *groan*)

4. Get the courage to change grade levels (5th grade is NOT working for me.. want 3rd, but there's a teacher
in that grade that I CAN'T work with, so I will put neither of us through the drama)

5. Be a happier person. No more constant complaining. Glass is half full, not half empty. I can do ANYTHING!
(Maybe this should be number one?)
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    • Yeah... I've already fallen behind. It's difficult to juggle teaching with my spiritual live because I know I should be making time each day, but I also know my principal will kick my butt if I'm not prepared each day.
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