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Mrs. Randa

22 October 1982
I've recently been married. September 30, 2006 to be exact. I've just finished my second year of teaching and this profession is proving to be the hardest thing I've done. My students have the ability to be A and B students; however, they're lazy. I'm in heaven right now though. After being engaged for over a year to a man I've been dating for 4 years, I'm finally married. Being married to my Scottish honey is everything I thought it would be. Now we just have to work hard to continue making it so. During spring break I started to have some cramping, a couple weeks later when the cramping didn't stop I went to my doctor and they said I was pregnant. Baby Faulds due to arrive around December 15, 2006. I'm the happiest person every (thought the timing is a little off for a Baby Fauldsey).