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Mrs. Randa

Morning Sickness!!

Morning Sickness!!

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Morning, Noon, Night, ALL NIGHT!!! I am literally gagging all day and all night. I've thrown up maybe 3 times altogether, but it's the gagging that's a constant. I've been eating snacks every 2 hours (per doctor order) to ward off the nausea and it works occasionally. Everyone wants to offer me saltine crackers and those make me the most nauseous. I find Triscuits are the best help, but they're so expensive. I can't wait to get past this morning sickness and into my second trimester. Hopefully I won't be like my grandmother's and have it all 9 months. I'm losing weight and my doctor is concerned about the baby's nutrition. She said to give it 4 more weeks (I'm 8 weeks pregnant right now) and hopefully that will slow my nausea. I used to think I wanted to have 3 kids, now I'm thinking 1 will suit me just fine. Meanwhile, I'm totally addicted to any show concerning pregnancy and childbirth. This is really bad, because most of them are about complications and the trauma of pregnancy. Patrick has banned me from all shows pregnancy unless they are truly lighthearted and about the joys of babies. I, however, sneak and watch them before he gets home and have decided an epidural will be just fine by me. Yet, I've heard many women say "I got an epidural with my first one and it was too late to do anything for me." OH MY GOD! Right now I'm cursing Eve and her damn apple that caused women to have this punishment. Wouldn't it be great if you could just push and out pops this sweet little baby, no pain involved? Ah well, I'm sure it's like constipation. No one wants to do it, but in the end, how else is it gonna come out? The only difference, you get a sweet baby at the end of it all, though I'm sure some women get true turds! Ok, on that disgusting note, I will sign off.
  • Oh hon


    I hope things will get better for you. Just remember it's only temporary.

    I started getting freaked out from reading the pregnancy books and all that stuff. After all those things they tell you can and will go wrong, I had a completely healthy delivery. I think they just work us into a tizzy.

    Just listen to your body.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.
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