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Mrs. Randa

I'm Pregnant

I'm Pregnant

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So... for the past few weeks I've been feeling super tired, and I've been having cramps. My breast hurt too. I thought that I was starting my period. After a week of feeling that way I decided to take a pregnancy test, which turned up positive. At this point I've taken 5 tests. I'm bit anal!! I'm so excited. My doctor's appointment to confirm my pregnancy is Tuesday, April 24. I wish they would have made it sooner. I just can't wait. I want the official "go ahead" to tell everyone I'm pregnant. Most everyone knows, but we're waiting to tell Patrick's parents until the doctors appointment. I think at the very most I'm 5 weeks. However, I doubt I'm 5 weeks, it's probably more like 4 or 3. I'm just so excited. I can't wait!!!
  • Congrats!

    It goes by the date of your last period. So if your last period was fivce weeks ago...you're five weeks.

    • Well my last period was five weeks ago, but my last period lasted for 23 days. I don't know if I was ovulating right after that, which I would need to have been to be 5 weeks pregnant. If I ovulated the next week wouldn't I only be 4 weeks pregnant? That's how I understood it.
      • Well, they can never calc when you ovulate. That's why they go by the start date of your last period. The date is just a guestimate for delivery anyway so they just use it as a suggestion so to speak.

        Supposedly first time mom's pop approx two weeks early anyway.
        • I've been told that they do guestimate, but when possible they give you an ultrasound to check the development, which may change the due date.
          • Yeap. Basically every woman is different. They can't really tell you anything for sure because they simply don't know how your body is going to handle the pregnancy.

            I wish you a happy healthy pregnancy :)
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