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Mrs. Randa

I have the munchies!!!!

I have the munchies!!!!

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I have been constantly craving something today. I just want to eat anything high in sugar. My husband absolutely refuses to be the bad cop. He said "look you're a big girl, I'm not your daddy. Eat what you want." I want him to be tough. I left the room in tears and folded clothes for 30 minutes. It wasn't that he was frustrated with me that bothered me, it's the fact that he doesn't want to help me. I have ALWAYS found it difficult to resist sugary treats. My mom made that a routine after dinner. It's like after dinner my body says, " Ok, now for dessert!" I haven't given in today.

On the plus side, I ordered 2 yoga videos. One is an easy beginner for the morning to wake you up, and one for the evening to settle you down. The other is instructed by an overweight woman who understands my difficulties with yoga. I'm hoping these videos are as good as they claim. I've always been partial to yoga, but have found it extremely easy to get into. I find that most people who are into yoga expect everyone else to be able to do certain aspects of it naturally. Some overweight people have a bit extra padding in the way. I'm excited. I find yoga relaxing, and it's always helped my back when I attempted it. I'm crossing my fingers.
  • I know how you feel. I tell my hubby I am watching what I'm eating and he's like "let's get a pizza!" :P

    I started a community for weight-loss related posts. Feel free to join the community called flyweight. The girls are really supportive and understanding. Plus it has helped me by having accountability to the other girls in the comm.

    For some reason I always crave sweets after lunch and dinner too. It's like I don't feel like I'm finished until I eat something sweet.
  • See with me, Patrick will say... "Are you sure you want pizza? What about your diet?" and I'm like... yeah, I want it! lol
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