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Mrs. Randa

Am I pregnant?

Am I pregnant?

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Ok, so I'm not known for my regular periods. But this has gone on way too long! The last time I can remember having one specifically is in August. I didn't have one in September (and I remember this because my wedding was September 30, and I thought I was going to be on it during that time; but I wasn't). So since then I have taken like ...4 pregnancy tests. They have all turned up negative. I keep wondering if I should just sit back and be fine with that ...or if I should go to the doctor and tell them what's going on. The only thing is that, even though Patrick has his work permit now, he still can't find a job. It's January and everybody is laying people off. So we are dead broke. We are barely getting by on my paycheck. I can't afford the $30 to go to the gynecologist. We've got some leads, but none have yet turned up with him a job. I've been toying with the idea that it might be stress. I'm terribly unhappy in my job right now, I'm stressed about the money, I want to lose weight. It could all just be stress right?!

Meanwhile I'm antsy. I'm so antsy for something to happen. I need to either see the scale move, which even though I'm dieting has only gone up. I need to hear that Patrick's gotten a job (and he hasn't put in a single application... each day I bring home an application, or pull up an on-line application and they just sit there).

I don't think he's being lazy.. he's just nervous to go back to work. He would be nervous in Scotland, but it's amplified by the fact that he's in a new country. I just NEED him to fill out 1 application and send it in. I feel like I'm going to explode by the stress of being the ONE person making the money and if I fail we sink like a ship. I feel we are on the verge of a very, very large marital spat, and it's not going to be pretty.
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  • It could be stress, or it could be something serious. You should get it checked out either way. $30 isn't much for peace of mind!
  • I know but seriously, right now we don't even have $10 dollars. Patrick has a job interview,and he's been putting in applications over the past couple of days. Hopefully they're return some results because it's that time of year for the gyno anyways. *sigh*
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